Friday, June 3, 2005


After work today, Aiza wanted me to accompany to go see an Indonesian lady friend of hers at this hotel somewhere in town that start with the letter 'Y'. We went and had a pretty tough time finding the hotel. When we finally found it, we faced another problem which was to find the room. We went up the nearest lift but there was no room '217'. Hahahaha..and you should have seen how panicky Aiza was when she got stuck in between the lift doors. HEHEHEHEHEHEHE...Such a comic relief! (Aiza, you know I got love for you, right? Peace)

Anyways, we got out of the lift and I decided to go up to the counter and ask for help. There was this Chinese lady who was attending to a Caucasian couple. I called her twice but she did not utter a single reply. I mean, is she was really busy, she could hvae at least turn to me and tell me to wait for a moment while she finishes her previous stuff. But there was absolutely no reply. When the third calling came, she replied in a raised voice, "HANG ON A MOMENT!"

WHAT THE FUCK! Bloody bitch!

This is the kind of service a fine hotel situated at the heart of Singapore is giving out to their customers?!?! I was just so annoyed. I could actually smakc that bitch's face right there and then. But ARGH! I am just so stoink sometimes. I wanted so badly to give a her a piece of my mind. But I did NOTHING! Can you believe it? I did NOTHING! I don't like to stir up trouble like that. I know that if I were to say something to her, good things would NOT be coming out of my mouth.

But seriously, it was such a dissapointment. I mean, if she was suffering from PMS or had a fight with the boyfriend or whatever, who fucking cares. Be professional enough to leave your personal problems at home and give the kind of service we deserve. FYI, we pay to stay in the hotels. It's not like we are staying there for free. Bloody sick, I tell you.

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