Friday, April 8, 2005

"You And Me" - Lifehouse

6 days after my last entry and I am listening to You and Me by Lifehouse - on repeat mode. I ABSOLUTELY ADORE THIS SONG!!! Thanks Fizah.

My back is aching from continuosly sitting in front of my PC. It is so tiring. I need to complete Nelly's assignment by tonight because I need to go for my medical check-up at SATA tomorrow morning. It is supposed to be somewhere at the Woodlands Civic Centre. Darn! I have to fork out around 40 bucks for the silly check-up. But luckily, the amount can be reimbursed.

8 more days to 15th of April. After that, no more phone calls over the weekends, no more missing of shipment and bla bla bla. ARGH!!! I cannot wait to get rid of all this.

I am ready to start afresh. Am getting myself ready for a different sort of battlefield. Like they say, the end is also the beginning. (who is the they that I am referring to? I have no idea myself.Hahahahaha..silly me)

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