Saturday, April 9, 2005

The SMS that made a difference

Today was the first time my friends KINDER friends actually saw me all f**cked up. I was so pissed today. Even Nelly kept prompting to get to the real reason why I looked so stern and annoyed. This was the reason why.

Today was also the deadline for our LANGUAGE & LITEARCY assignment. We have been warned that 10 marks will be deducted for late submissions. That would be the last thing my group members and I would want to happen to our hard work. Today was also the day I had to go for my darn medical check-up. The clinic was jam-packed with people. The system was horrid. It was not systematic at all. I was running from one place to another. Usually, we would be given an agenda before we started the check-up. But this time round, I was running from one check-up to another. It was very confusing. Anyways, that was not the cause of my frustration.

Sabrina. She was the reason why I was so angry today. Okay, here's the story.

I was doing the compiling of our assignment (mentioned above). Yesterday night, I forwarded the whole assignment to her, as per her request. However, Aiza emailed me her portion only this morning, which I quickly edited into the assignment, which I forwarded to Sab yesterday night. I was running late from the check-up. While I was waiting at the clinic, I had Kakak helped me forward the REVISED version of the assignment to Sab, which she acknowledged. I completed my check-up only around 1.40pm. I thought that I could skip class and help Mak out for the kenduri tomorrow because I seriously thought that Sab would print the whole assignment, attend class and submit the assignment.

Boy was I shocked, surprised and furious when I called her up and found out that she has only printed HER portion of the assignment!!! Then what was the use of me forwarding the whole damn thing to her?!?!?!?!! I was fired up, I tell you. She even had to cheek to say,
"Did I say I was gonna print out the whole thing, meh?"

ARGH!!! THE NERVE! I banged down the phone and quickly went to print the assignment. I rushed to class as soon as I could. I was reaching class when I saw two ladies in front of me. They turned out to be Normah and Sab. Once I saw Sab, I immediately looked away. Upon seeing my reaction, she even had the decency toask me if I was angry. Not wanting to create chaos, I left her in the midst of her question. She sat beside me. I turned away. The whole time during class I did not even trun to her direction and did not utter a single word to her. It was all the better. Frankly, I was really afraid that she might blurt out something that will trigger the
"demon" in me. Fortunately, she kept her mouth shut.

When class ended, I stepped out immediately, not wanting to waste any time. As I was sitting in the MRT ( still burning with anger inside), Sab messaged me - apologising. I gave her my piece of mind. It's all good now. I mean, I must give her credit for being brave enough to take the initiative to apologise. She said she was really busy with her stuff at that point of time. Whatever it is, it's over now. Just forgive and forget.

I also apologised for acting so cold towards her. My anger automatically reduced once I saw her "sorry" message. I really was not expecting it. But I am glad she did. Two proud heads is not a good combo.

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