Friday, April 15, 2005

The end of my termination period at CCC

Finally, the day is here and it's over. My last day of working as an employee of CCC. I came to work with bags and bags of stuff. All my barang-barang has been brought home yesterday.

Everyone congratulated me while I had my last breakfast at canteen with Abang and Abang Fitri. I cannot believe I am saying this but I am quite sad to leave. Sad to leave my "comfort zone" As contradicting as it is, CCC is my "comfort zone". Now I am leaving Abang and Abang Fitri, my routine work that I slowly learning to get used to. Despite that, It is still not half as bad as how I felt when I was leaving ETP.

I actually wanted to leave before lunch but Evonne ( a Malaysian girl who was also leaving today) told me that our pay could be deducted if we were to leave before 5.18pm. So I just stayed on.

I always had this thinking that the small tasks that were usually given to were simple and minor. But come to think of it now that it is left with just Noreen and Tina, those small tasks can be quite time-consuming. Even to my last day (ie: today), Noreen still wanted to pass me some things to be done but luckily, it did not happen. Sighs.

I received a beautiful necklace from SK Jewellery bought by Tina,Wilson,Noreen,Mohammad and Serene. I was really shocked to see all 5 of them crowding round my table when I came back from the washroom. Thanks guys!

Hwee Ling,Lynn and Carol treated me lunch at Sakura. Yum! Yum! It was fantastic!

Lunch went by quickly and immediately upon coming back from Sakura, I started to distribute my little gift to everyone. But I sent out my farewell email.

Something weird but memorable happened while I was going around talking to my friends (at CCC) for the last time. I was on my way to Finance (Dept) when I saw this Indian lady, whom I have seen around walking in the opposite direction. As we came closer, I thought I heard her call my name.But I was hesitant to response because I was not sure if that was the case. But I stopped and we chatted for a while when I heard her call out my name for the second time. She was so shweet! I have never talked to her before but she gave me a hug anyways and wished me well. She told me how she liked my email. She told me that she could actually feel the emotions in the email. We talked for a few more minutes before I was on my way again.

I have come to the end of the first chapter of my career - CCC:The CSR (Customer Service Representative) quits. Come Monday, 18th April, I will be opening a new chapter. Different encounters, different types of people. Is it for better or for worse? I don't know. But I pray that ALLAH s.w.t will grant me the patience,endurance,guidance in order for me to get through it all and come a stronger individual and a Muslimah who has stronger faith. Amin.

Below here is the farewell that was sent out. What do you think of it? You agree with the Indian lady or otherwise?


I usually read other people's farewell message and wonder how mine will be like. Now, after 1 year and 4 months, I shall wonder no more.

A big thank you goes out to:

1) My XXX TEAM-Annie,Noreen,Tina,Wilson,Ansari,Rayan
My team mates, a huge xie xie for all your guidance and for putting up with me all this while. You have not just taught me about the necessary processes but also about life.

2) My team of XXX Test Planners/Schedulers-Carol,Lynn,Hwee Ling,Mavis,Alice,Selvam
I am grateful that all of you are professional enough to still treat me as a friend despite the tense moments during work. I apologise for having to disturb you during weekends but thank you for still answering my calls and working together with me in order to solve the problem.

3) XXX team of PEs-Boon Teck,Chee Meng,Neo,Vergil,Neo,Noel
I may not usually communicate with you guys but thanks for all your help.

4) Assy Planners-Selvam,Loo
Xie xie! Nandri!

5) Order Release Team-Fitri,Aileen,Samuel,Che Ka,Roslizah
All of you did a great job with the BROADCOM releases. Keep up the good effort and the future looks bright for all of you.

6) All of the people who were good to me
Eventhough you can choose to be mean to me, you did otherwise. All of you made my work much easier to execute and made me realise that not everyone here is as bad.

7) All of the people who were nasty to me
Well, I can't always have the good thing, right. Whoever you are, I have forgiven you for passing your mean remarks and wrongdoings. Your nastiness has NOT brought me down but has only made me stronger. Like the saying goes, WHAT DOES NOT KILL YOU ONLY MAKE YOU STRONGER.

8) Last but not the least, my dearest brother- ALIAS KAMSIN
It has not been an easy ride for me but your constant guidance, encouragement and belief in me kept me going. Working here, I have learnt a great deal about you as well as the demands you have to go through daily. I am certain that whatever good thing you will receive in the very near future is due to your hard work and not because of someone else's misfortune. You deserve it because you are talented and you obtain all the goodness not by kissing people's a** but by working hard (and smart as well). Terima kasih for prompting me to be practical at times when I wanted to act on impulse. If I had done what I intended to do the other time, there would definitely be trouble right now. I am grateful that you still bother to introduce me to whoever we meet along the way here despite my lack of performance. I am sorry if I have ever embarrassed you in any way. Thank you for understanding my needs and for still believing in me eventhough my final decision may not be CCC. I hope we can still be as close as ever and my going away will not destroy the bond we have right now.

Everyone I shall not torture you further with my long speech,
Have a good life and GOD bless.

Love,Khaliza Bte Kamsin

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