Friday, April 15, 2005

End of Lotus Notes

I was well on my way to turn off the PC when I came across this email from a dearest librarian - Aiza. I am such an emo. I cried.

Come Monday :Khaliza will be known as Miss Liza, a teacher no less
Khaliza will no longer have access to a mail service called LOTUS NOTES
Khaliza will not report to CCC but to XXX XXX
Khaliza will not be driven to work but takes the public transport (??)
Khaliza will be working at Grange Rd no longer YISHUN
Khaliza will not be greeted by Noreen, Carol and the other CCC clan but cute little faces each morning
Khaliza will not be in "Peoples Park" environment
Khaliza will not be able to be reached at this no: 6XXX1172
and last but not least AIZA will miss this screen (as per attached)

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