Saturday, April 2, 2005

14 days to my departure

Oh gosh! It has been ages since I last created a post. I was tied down by projects and was always so tired. Anyways, it is finally APRIL!!!!

I can finally start counting down the days before I embark on my teaching career. I am both nervous and excited but afraid as well. My colleagues at work are really making use of my presence till the very last minute. I still have to follow up on my devices. It is just so annoying still. But I guess it's only fair, right? I mean I hope to be able to "slack" more towards the end of my time serving SCS.

My heart is feeling a little heavy whenever I think about leaving SCS. Most of all, I am going to miss spending time with my two brothers, Abang and Abang Fitri. They were the ones who made my time in SCS more enjoyable and bearable. My days were made brighter because of these two people, especially Abang. I am hoping to hear the "good news" - his good news before I leave. I want to be able to share the same joy and see the look of satisfaction, relief and pride on his face. The whole family is proud of him for his achievements. I sincerely hope that he and I can still be very close even after I leave for the career of my choice. I know I am going to miss SCS - eventhough I have mostly unhappy memories there. Anyways, LP was being really annoying. As usual, she was expediting her stupid device namely I5823A0KPB-5. Usually, this device is quite smooth sailing. During testing, it does not usually give as much problem as most of the other devices. She doubted the factory's capability and in turn was also doubtful of my capability to follow up on the devices. In the end, we did manage to ship the darn parts yesterday. I was ecstatic! I just had to send out an email to the factory to thank them on their good perfomance - and I did. Good job guys and girls!

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