Monday, March 28, 2005

Sabrina - The Great Friend

Sabrina is such a darling. She passed me the number of this tuition agency, which pays quite well. On top of that, she willingly offered me another (relief) position last Saturday at a local primary school. Just for being there for only 3 hours, I have earned $74. Not that bad. She is so cute!

She's actually a very sweet girl. But it's just that she can get a bit too opinionated that it can be rather pretty annoying. Heheheheehe...Sorry Sab. But overall, she's great. I can see that she can be one of those friends whom you can trust in times of crisis. She kept reminding me to apply for NIE with her. (I finally sumbitted it yesterday. AT LAST!) It would be pretty cool if I can get in NIE with her. She is quite a fun person to be with. But if NIE rejected me (again), that's alright, I guess. I can always concentrate on my early childhood teaching first.

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