Saturday, March 26, 2005

Audition ME!

Today was the second day of the audition conducted by ChannelNewsAsia. It was held just outside Wheelock Place. I saw a lot of "spectators" but the response was not as great as I thought it would be. But that's the good thing. Anyways, I did go through the auditions eventhough I initially did not want to. But Fyzeal was forcing me to do so and he even printed out an extra copy of the application form for me (awwwww, so shweeeet). What the heck, I just gave it a shot.

Fortunately, it went pretty fast and from my perspective, I did well. Hehehehehehehe... It was very confusing and nerve-wrecking when the lights were all on me and I had just one whole minute to impress the judges. We did the shoots at the same time but separately. He was just beside me. He said my speech was clear and I was not going too fast.Hehehehehe...He was good as well. He even prepared a speech for the audition! (some people are just born with such talents and passion). He did not use the script provided. Fantastic!But by the end of it, we were both bloody glad it was over.

Frankly, I am really not hoping for anything to happen out of this audition. I mean, it would be a blessing should I get chosen but if I'm not, I won't be disappointed. It happens. You can't have all the good things at one go, rite? Gotta save it for later,rite?? d;D

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The above picture is Fyzeal, a good guy friend of mine. He is so vain!!! More vain than yours truly. Oh well, he is not given the title of Mr Personality (Elite Manja Ria 2004) for nothing, you know. I gotta say he does look good and very photogenic as well. Fyzeal, if you are reading this, this will be the last time you hear such nice words that I am saying about you. I shall not repeat this! Hehehehehehehe....

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Anonymous said...

If u r chosen, i bet the 'K2 Kangaroos' will be glued in front of their TVs to watch 'Miss Liza' each time the show is aired =p