Wednesday, March 16, 2005

With effect from today, I, .............., wish to resign from...

I sumbit my resignation letter today. I got a little panicky when Annie seemed to be pretty caught up with the customer visits and all. I was afraid that I might have to tender tomorrow. But I managed to do it after lunch.

We had a pretty long talk. She did say to my face that I am not cut out for the job and all. However, she did wish me the very best for my teaching career. But what I was not very happy were the times when she gave me "the look" when I answered her question (she asked me when I started to think about resigning) and how she said that I cannot take scoldings. That is not true. I resign from CCC not because I could not stand people scolding me. I mean, if that is the reason then I will be a damn miserable person because being the clumsy person that I am, I am always being scolded almost everyday. Not just at work, but at home as well. Luckily, I clarified with her by saying that the main reason for my leaving is not because of people or any other reason but because I have been given the offer to do something that I am interested in. I was quite annoyed at her reactions at certain times. But it's all over now. I have finally did it. I have tendered.

I did one grave mistake though. I actually forgot to tell Noreen. Seriously, I wanted to tell her in the morning. However, everytime I turned around to look at her either she was pulling a long face or I just heard her slammed down the telephone on someone. Then I was busy with all the stupid issues and then at around 2 or 3pm she told us she was going for a meeting. I seriously thought that the meeting was being held at CCC but it turns out the meeting was being held all the way at BBB somewhere in the northern part of SG. She did not return to the office until around 5 plus. That was when I decided to just go ahead and tell her. I could tell she was pretty upset that she got to know last. But I really did not mean it. I seriously could not find the right moment to tell her about the "hot news".

With effect from today, my days in CCC are numbered. I am part of the statistics at the CS Dept in CCC. I am part of the 7 (or is it 8?) people who have "left the building" in a month.

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