Wednesday, March 16, 2005

After I tender

I was so relieved after the talk I had with Annie (my boss). I still am relieved though. However, there are also all other emotions that comes along with this huge sense of relief.

These emotions include :-
=> Guilt - When I leave, Tina and Noreen are the ones who will have to work their arses off. But I have to make the decision. If I was not going to quit now, I would have to do it sooner or later. It is just a matter of time.
=> Relief - I am finally rid of SCS and all the phone calls that comes along with the job. YAY!
=> Pity - I guess ABANG really liked me to stay there. I do too. I like it a lot of when he comes over to my desk and chit chat for a while. I feel a lot safer knowing that he's there. And now, he cannot have breakfast and lunch from home anymore.
=> Fear - In SCS, I have ABANG and ABANG FITRI to sort of help me out and watch over me. Eventhough ABANG is not in the same department as me but just the thought that there is a family member so near you, it makes everything seems better . When I go and teach later, I am all alone. When things cropped up, I do not have a family member whom I can consult immediately. However, I know that ALLAH is always hearing me. Even when I do not speak.

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