Saturday, March 12, 2005

A Muslim Caucasian?

I was really sick last Tuesday. I felt terrible while at work and even worse when at school. I looked pale and sleepy.I was like a walking zombie. I looked like something the cat dragged in. It was terrible.

It was the train ride that woke me up from my blahness. I was attempting to memorize a verse from the Quran for my prayers and then he sat down beside. Initially, I noticed him while he was standing in front of me. He caught my attention. At first, it was the looks that caught my attention. But later, I found out that there was something more about him. I sat down beside, after the Chinese lady on my right got off the train. Without wasting precious moments, he immediately took out a book to read upon sitting down. I stared blankly at the book he was reading while trying to recite the verse without looking at it. Alhamdullilah. I was glad I stared at it. He was reading a book about Islam. I could not believe my eyes. A very good-looking Caucasian man who is seated beside me is actually reading a book about Islam. Could he be a Muslim? Could it be because he is interested in knowing more about Islam? Is he a convert? Is he learning about Islam because his girlfriend is Muslim? Questions after questions popped into my little head.

He is a guy whom I can only dare to dream about. He used to exist only in my dreams. But now, he IS real! There IS such a person in this world. I mean, I know such people do exist but never have I seen it before. I usually see it on TV, read about it in books or from the Internet. But never met or sat beside one before! So near yet so far. O ALLAH, how can I reach out to this guy? Is he the one I have been looking for all this while? The one whom I have prayed for to be my life partner?

Maybe my friends would think I am nuts. But seriously, if he is really the one for me, I pray that ALLAH will make it easier for us to meet and get to know each other. Amin.

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