Friday, March 11, 2005

The Chiltern interview

I went for the Chiltern interview yesterday. Sighs.They actually wanted immediate applicants. But I can't. I need to give 1 month notice. I was discussing it with Aiza yesterday. I am not sure if I should wait for ETP or just go for the other centre. However, I have decided to just go for the latter.I will become a teacher in the centre whereas the former will promise me only the role of an assistant teacher. I believe that the huge responsibility of c teacher will help me grow as an educator. That is my main concern. I hope to set up my own centre in the future, which will have this unique blend of Asian as well as Western way of educating the younger generation. As much as I love my Seahorses and Kangaroos, I have to do what's right for my future.I shall accept the challenge at the other centre. I WILL SUCCEED!

Abang has given me a lot of hopes and encouragement. So did Kakak, Mak and Bapa. I love them all. Eventhough their sacrfices are not as big as my own, they were still affected by this change in my career path. I will excel and they will help me. I WILL SURVIVE!

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