Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Blessed Souls

ALLAH has blessed me & my whole family with nothing but greatness.

Last month, I was prepared to receive only half of my pay because I took a pretty long unpaid leave of 3 weeks in order to do my practicum. However, come 28/March, I realised that I received more than usual because the pay for that month was inclusive of some bonus thingey. Alhamdullillah. I was ecstatic! At least, I could pay off whatever debts I owned and still had some cash for savings.

Then Kakak informed us yesterday that she received around 1.5% for her bonus as well. She really could use some extra cash for her new home, the wedding etc. Happy for her. She deserve it.

Abang has just been promoted to Section Manager and his pay is very high now. Alhamdullillah. Kak Arfah is also pregnant. Rezeki Athirah (Insya Allah, that's the name Abang will be calling his lil baby.) They have been craving and trying for a child for about 5 years and syukur alhamdullillah, they have been granted one and simultaneously, the promotion that Abang has been given.

Another blessing that has been given to me is the teaching offer that I have readily accepted. I waited so long for this opportunity. I rejected so many other offers because either the pay was too low or it was just too far for me. But now, I will paid an amount that is the highest for an inexperienced teacher like me. (according to the child care market) Alhamdullillah.

Besides that, I have also been granted a complete physical outlook. I do not have any handicaps. But I can get pretty ungrateful at times. I am always comparing my looks and my life (in general) to others. I must stop doing that in order for me to live a happier and more fulfilling life.

I need to change my outlook on life. I do not want to waste the balance of my life like how I have wasted my teens. I used to care sooo much about what others would think of me. I live for their acceptance. Boy, was I miserable. But not anymore, I do not want to let my life go down the drain just so others will like me. I will change..for the better.

On the topic of looks, I took the snapshot below last Tuesday night. Hehehehehehe... Pretty cool...

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sha said...

gue hepi banget sih, dapat jadik penulis nombor satu di ruang kommentar ini...wah duh .... rejeki nya alhamdulillah ya. moga tuhan berkati rejeki yg telah diberikan dan moga moga membawa kebaikan di dunia dan akhirat =)

ya, satu lagi 'good luck dan all the best' in ur new career! u can do it, insya'allah.

lets do the countdown, yeah ....

Anonymous said...

dat pic really look like dat of the woman who appeared on the cover of 'National Geographic' book!! =p