Monday, March 21, 2005

68 days and counting..down..

Starting from this Wednesday, 23rd March up to 28th May, I have exactly 68 days till Kakak's wedding. I have intended to lose some extra pounds. I am targetting to lose exactly 3kg and shed 4cm off my waist.

I feel that due to my extra weight, I am getting lazier by the day. I am always lethargic. I get headaches frequently and I am always short of breath. I have to shed off some excess baggage in order to be more healthy. I have to.

Once I start teaching, I will need to keep up with the children. They are defintely going to have more energy than me. What kind of a teacher would I be if I cannot even stay awake? Nowadays, I am always feeling sleepy. And most of all, I feel so demoralised (most of the time) when I cannot fit into my clothes.

Seriously, I have to get my intentions right. Stated below are the reasons why I need to work hard towards my healthy weight.

1) Save money - My pay will be slightly lower than me current salary. Therefore, I will have to cut down on my expenses and clothes make up the majority of my expenditure. By losing some extra pounds, I can borrow Kakak's clothes and even buy the cheaper, smaller sized clothings. As much as I hate to accept this fact, the clothes shops in Singapore are biased (most of them). The clothes that they sell are soooooo tiny. The ones that I can fit are usually the more expensive ones. ARGH! Therefore, by losing more weight, I can buy cheaper clothes.

2) Health reasons - Like I said earlier, I am always feeling so lethargic, impatient, get headaches etc. I onviously need to exercise in order to lose weight. When I exercise, endorphins are released. Therefore, I will become happier, more active and full of zest for life!! Hehehehehe..

Therefore, I need to get hold of an exercise regime by today or latest tomorrow. Wish me luck guys!

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