Saturday, February 19, 2005

The day I got a taste of being a teacher

My first week of practicum has finally come to an end. Everyday I walk towards, ETP, I constantly dread the walk home. My walk home would mean 1 less day to spend with the kids and 1 more day towards going back to CCC. I cannot stand this. I love the kids so much. Its alright eventhough most of the teachers are not as friendly to me and some of the kids are not exactly comfy with me yet, I am okay with that. I love just being around them. I love to just see them do things. Its so amazing!

The Sunday before my first day of practicum, I was so afraid that I would realise that I hate teaching. And in turn proving, Mak & Abang correct. But it turned out otherwise. My love for teaching, for being with the kids, for just assissting them in their everyday lives, is deepened. They make me happy. The past few days, I go back home crying because my days at ETP are numbered.

I've fallen in love with my Kangaroo class and not forgetting my Seahorses class. O ALLAH, I cant take it. Im not sure if I can take not being with them and torturing myself to go back to CCC. Im not sure if I can take it or if I want to. I love all of them!!

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