Sunday, November 16, 2003

One those days FAT days

i feel so fat, u no. i mean its d fasting month now and im sposed 2 like lose weight instead of gaining weight. SIGHS, its liek the more i 1 2 lose weight, the more weight u gain. it juz sux!i tink its got something to do wit the fantasies tthat i constanyly play in my head about me wearing all the tight clothes, and LEVIS low rise jeans and lookin damn gd in them. i no i will look so much better if i juz lose weight. thats what every1 tells me oso.i no, i no that but the more i pressurize myself into losing weight, the harder it is to do so. SIGHS its so so damn hard. y cant be more confident of myself and jz accept me for me? life wwld be so much better then.

juz like PINK, shes cool.sometiimes i tink she look like crap, i mean like she has weird fashion sense, u no. but does she care abt that? heck no! i dun tink its coz shes a celeb. i tink shes one of those few ladies in this mizundastood world of ours who are very comfy in their own skin. hence, the perception of others towards them dun matter at all. that is why they look so damn gd even whn the dun look gd, no wot i mean? yeah...

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