Saturday, April 13, 2013

Hair For Hope 2013 - Children's Cancer Foundation

I truly applaud the men, women and even children who have pledged to shave their heads - all in the name of children's cancer.


Why are the people in the video shaving their heads, you may ask?

Let me fill you in.

(Ahem, ahem)

Hair for Hope is an awesome fundraising event that serves to raise funds and creates awareness about children's cancer.

Hair for Hope 2013 is organised by Children's Cancer Foundation.

The event which will take place on 27th July 2013, (Saturday, 11am - 7Pm) and 28th July 2013 (Sunday, 11am - 6pm) will be held at VivoCity Central Court.

2013 will mark its 11th year running the event!

Can you imagine how many individuals have pledged to shave their heads?


If going bald is rather scary for you (as is for me) but you would still like to contribute, YOU CAN!

My brother-in-law is volunteering to shave his head in support of this event!

He will have his head shaven on the 27th July 2013 around 3-4pm at VivoCity Central Court (If you see me there, please say HI).

In sha ALLAH.

Please do extend your support by making your donations here.

The best part is, you can donate any amount!

$5, $10, $10 - any amount is appreciated.

So please help us help children with cancer.

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