Friday, April 20, 2012

Love what you see in the mirror

Motherhood is a destination that most woman (secretly) hope to achieve.

I am one of those lucky ones who has been granted an opportunity to experience pregnancy (love that I can eat EVERYTHING), labour (it's menstrual cramps multiplied by a hundred) and being a mum (90% - joy, 10% - moments when I could tear my hair out).

But it should come with a warning -

Pregnancy WEIGHT GAIN is a reality.

I love BamBim to bits but it's often clouded by how much I hate looking at myself in the mirror.

So how do you teach self-love to your offspring when you can't even stand the sight of yourself in your birthday suit?

How will I explain to BamBim that before you love others, you've got to love yourself first?

Here's how.

1) Be Thankful
As Muslims, we have a short prayer that we recite the moment we wake up. We thank The Almighty for giving us another chance to live and to always remember HIM.

Say a little prayer and appreciate that you have been granted a chance to experience another beautiful day and believe that it will be a great day - come what may.

2) It Could Be Worse
It's tempting NOT to look at others who have such desirable bodies. But why torture yourselves when you're just going to end up being more depressed?

Turn your focus to those who are worse off than you. But not to mock at them but rather to appreciate what you have and as a reminder that it could be worse.

3) Dress Up
Even if you hate your reflection, so what?

Dress up!

Putting in more effort before going out (even if it's just to the supermarket 2 blocks away), does wonders to lift your confidence.

4) Exercise
In the words of Elle Woods,

"Exercise give you endorphins and endorphins make you happy."

Need I say more?

Saying is easier than done - no doubt.

Above is a mental checklist each time I feel like smashing my full-length mirror.

Do share if you have other believe-in-yourself tips.

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