Friday, April 15, 2011

Nobody is perfect & Fayrah is nobody. I love nobody.

I used to "purposely" wake up Fayrah because she was confusing her day and night.

She used to sleep a whole lot during the day and wake up in the night.

It was so difficult to try and wake her up in the mornings.

I tried to make a lot of noise, turned up the volume of the TV or radio but nothing could wake her up in the day.

But now, she has been a pretty good sleeper in the night - waking up just for feeds and going straight back to sleep after that.


But the only problem is - now I am having trouble putting her down for her naps!


It took me a whole 45 minutes for Fayrah to go to sleep!

That is more than half of her nap time gone!


Oh well, I should be grateful that she is at least sleeping well at night, no?

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