Sunday, March 27, 2011

Surviving Parenthood

Nowadays, sleepless nights are a norm for MyBudakTapai and I.

Will we get through this difficult phase?

Insya ALLAH.

I believe we can.

When we were trying to conceive, we knew what we were getting ourselves into.

Having a child is obviously not easy.

Nobody said it was.

Well, maybe some lucky buggers ones would have it easy.

Their newborn would sleep through the night, feed well, seldom cry - you know the picture perfect life of a new parent that you mostly saw on TV but seldom happen in reality.

If you are one of those lucky ones, treasure it and be grateful. Be VERY grateful.

I wouldn't really say that we are the unlucky ones.

Because we ARE lucky.

Lucky enough that we have been granted an opportunity to experience parenthood.

With the stress of the high cost of living in Singapore, infertility is increasing.

We met and heard of so many married couples who have tried for years to concieve and are still unsuccessful.

May ALLAH bless them with children soon.

MyBudakTapai and I tried for less than a year before we received the extremely good news.

I was glad we decided to keep it a secret for the first few weeks of my pregnancy.

It felt wonderful sharing the secret with the one person whom you love and trust.

When my pregnancy reached its 2nd month, we decided to spread the news to our families and the rest is history.

The period when we were trying to conceive was pretty challenging for both of us.

I was constantly emotional and negative and the failed pregnancy test results did nothing to uplift my spirits.

Though it was just as difficult for him, MyBudakTapai was always patient and never failed to remind me to have faith in The Almighty.

I think that was what got us through.

Having faith in Our Creator was what got us out of the rut and saved our relationship.


So will we survive parenthood and raise religious and good-natured children?

Insya ALLAH.

We will definitely try and hope for the very best.

ALLAH will not let those who tried be by themselves - that I'm sure of.

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