Friday, February 4, 2011

Patience is a virtue.

"Thank you for your interest in joining our organisation...but we regret to inform you that you are not selected."

How can something as harmless as words manage to shatter your dreams and just bring down your self-confidence?

I mean, they are just words, right?

Nothing dangerous about them.

It cannot affect us in any way...right?

But it did.

Maybe ALLAH s.w.t is trying to teach us something.

What is it?

That not everything that you hope for will be given to you?

That not everything that you hope for is good for you?

But what if you have prayed so hard for it happen and it didn't?

What if you made all the necessary efforts and sacrifices but it still didn't happen?

Do we then have the right to be angry at HIM?

Why didn't you grant my prayers?

My intentions were good and sincere, so why then didn't YOU make it happen?

Are we then allowed to be furious at HIM?

I did all that YOU ask of me but YOU didn't give me what I want.

But then I ask myself a different set of questions....

Who am I to be angry at HIM for not answering my prayers?

Who am I to be angry at something that do not belong to me?

Who am I to say that I rightfully own the right to have "it" happen to me?

Because I don't.

Nothing belongs to me.

I have all that I have because of HIM.

Oh ALLAH, as I wipe away my tears, I am asking for YOUR forgiveness.

I have been so consumed by my emotions that I have allowed myself to be angry at YOU when deep down, I know that what is happening to me right now is a sign of love from YOU.

YOU test me because YOU love me.


How blind was I?

How can I not see that?

Forgive me, O ALLAH.

As how YOU have promised, guide me O ALLAH.

Guide me as to how what my next step should be.

Show me the path that will lead to YOU and not away from YOU.

For there is no one else that I can turn to, if not to YOU, O ALLAH.


HE surrounds us.

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