Saturday, February 5, 2011

Like a Ghost town.

The plan was to go down to AMK Hub and do some grocery shopping.

"NTUC buka ke?" MyBudakTapai asked.

"Alah, bukalah. Takkan tak buka. Abih nak beli barang-barang semua macam maner?" I replied.

So we met at Ang Mo Kio MRT Station after work and headed on down to Basement 2 of AMK Hub and guessed what?

We were greeted by the iron grilles of the freaking hypermart!

Tak ke membingitkan!

Frustrated and hungry (Me not him. Eventhough I just had a large, juicy red apple), we walked out of the mall and headed towards...Popeye's!

It was one of the few shops that were open.

From Discover My space...
Comfort food!

From Discover My space...
No groceries today, honey!

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