Sunday, February 27, 2011

A little organisation would do you good.

From Discover My space...
He helped with the folding since I can't sit on the floor. Awww...

From Discover My space...
My Handy Manny.

I know what a mess, right?

I assure you that my house is not usually like this.

It's just that we went furniture shopping at Ikea a few days back and though, the items were delivered earlier, I have not had the time to update my blog with it.

So as you can see, from the pictures above, we practically brought down everything that were kept at the top of our master bedroom wadrobe.

We found a great deal of stuff that we thought we had lost and those that we thought we didn't have but actually had tonnes of!


So eventhough we don't celebrate Chinese New Year, we had our very own version of spring-cleaning!

I love spring-sleaning!

I love the idea of getting rid of clutter!

Have you ever watched this reality show on Discovery Channel (I think) called Hoarders?

It's about individuals who kept piling up on stuff and you should see their houses.

Oh my goodness!

I seriously don't know how they can live in very tight, cramped spots with a huge pile of rubbish!

It was simply unhygienic and disgusting!

Anyhow, it felt simply marvellous to have MORE empty space!

You should try it someday.

Spring-cleaning can be quite therapeutic, actually.D

During my singlehood days, I remember how I would clean my room (get rid of clutter, vacuum etc) whenever I was feeling down and heartbroken.

Amazingly, I would feel so much better after that!

Cleaning out my house (or room) felt like I was also organising my life.

Some of you may not see the connection but that's how it feels for me each time I indulge in some organising of the sort.

And when you get more organised, you will be able to see life in a much more positive perspective.

Problems don't look as bad because they are just challenges waiting for you to conquer.

So there, happy cleaning, guys!

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