Saturday, January 8, 2011

Word of Advice: Stick to your day job, Kim K.

So it was just a few days ago when I blogged about how gorgeous I think Kim Kardashian is.

She is super-duper popular that it is almost incomplete to watch E!News without hearing a Kim K. news.

But guess what is the latest buzz?

Kim Kardashian has a single! As in a song. As in singing in front of a stage. As in cutting an album. As in singing professionally.

MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA...Ooops! Sorry, that was not very nice.

Yeah, she is gorgeous, no doubt about that.

But does she has any singing talent?

Errrr....(Is that a trick question?)

As much as I love her style and all, I think she should just stick to being a reality-TV celeb.

Look at what happen to Paris Hilton.

She made a fool of herself.


We do not need anybody else to destroy the great quality of true musicians. We have got Britney for that already.

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