Sunday, January 23, 2011

When are we really ready?

No matter how many books you read, can you really be ready for parenthood?

That is my question of the day.

I realised that I have forgotten the earlier information now that I have read almost 3/4 of my "baby book".

Can anyone confidently say that they are ready for what will take place once Baby comes home from the hospital?

Truth be told, I am not.

And I am not sure if I ever will be.

All I am going to do is leave it to ALLAH s.w.t. .

Oh yeah, in case, anyone is looking for a good book to read on preparing for that BIG day, I recommend this one,

From Discover My space...
Easy on the brain.

I like the encouraging and casual tone of the author.

She suggests but does not force.

The last thing you need to is pressure that you are not being a good mother just because you baby is not waking up for his/her 7am feed.

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