Monday, January 3, 2011

Dsihonest Business People

Setting up an online business is (relatively) easy

Setting up a business and making quick profits by fooling people is even easier, it seems.

There is yet another product that may seem harmless from the outside but you have to dig deeper to realize that cheap is not always good.

I got a forwarded email the other day about harmless looking hair ties that were made of used condoms!

Can you believe it?!?

Despicable people who cheat to make quick profits give honest and sincere business owners a bad name.

When setting up any kind of business, always remember that honesty is the best policy and it really does go a long way.

We need to take care of our consumers because without them, we will NOT even have a business in the first place.

Yes, cheating can guarantee you quick profits but your business will NOT last long.

People will find out about the scam somehow or rather.

But when you are honest, your business will definitely thrive for an extremely long time.

Insya ALLAH.

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