Tuesday, June 29, 2010

SQ 235

I admit that I have been lazy.

Lazy as a ... pig?

Before my summer holidays started (which was like 4 weeks ago), I kept reminding myself that I will be able to post entries frequently because I will be free (as a bird. Heh..).

But of course, when the holidays start, I end up having tonnes of household chores to finish, tonnes of tehtarik sessions with friends and tonnes of resting to catch up on.

So despite having 8 weeks of holidays, I still don't have time to update my poor blog...

..until now.

I finally have this 'free time' not when I am happily resting at home but while I am at the airport, awaiting to board our plane.

Great timing, huh?

Anyhow, I will be gone (again) for the next 6 days, busy enjoying Gold Coast (for the first time! Yay! Yes, aku jakun giler).

Of course, what fun would it be enjoying DreamWorld and SeaWorld alone, right?

That's why MyBudakTapai is coming along, making sure I am well protected with self-taught martial arts skills (after watching Karate Kid. If Jaden Smith can do it, so can he. Ha!)

So people, till the next time. Pray that we will have a safe flight and wait for pictures and stories from downunder.

G'day, mate!

Kengkawan, nak aku bawa balik anak koala ke?

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