Thursday, April 8, 2010

I am where I want to be.

Of course, just when I finally have the time to sit down and turn on my laptop, it's time to get ready to go out.

I wke up at 5.30am today and there is still not enough time.

But you know what, I am loving it!

I am loving being busy in my house, my own furniture and my own time.

I know this sounds insane to some but I love being busy.

It keeps my brain working.

Some others are dying to a full-time housewife/mum but for me, I am quite happy and blessed where I'm at.

Personally, if I had a choice to stop working or stay home, I would work part-time.

Don't get me wrong, I love doing all the household chores but I like the idea of working as well - especially if I am doing something I love.

It was obviously different during my mother's time, where girls are just perceived to be capable of being mothers and housewives.

But the women of this generation are joining work force at full speed.

We have ambitions, dreams and aspirations.

I am not getting all feminist.

I mean, I am married and I love my boyfriend husband.

But I like the idea of contributing to the family's economy too - maybe not a whole lot but at least part of it.

Moreover, working keeps my brain intact - if I can say that.

I am constantly learning all kinds of things, especially time manangement.

I love where I am at right now.

Yeah, there are times I wish for more but who doesn't, right?

After all, I am only human.

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