Monday, December 21, 2009

No One is Perfect & I'm No One.

I am loving living in OUR own home with OUR rules and ideas.

However, the cleaning never seem to end.

Now, I can truly understand what Mak meant when she said that household chores will never end.

We will always end up doing some kind of cleaning on days we initially decide to chill on the sofa.

But I thank ALLAH for MyBudakTapai for his help.

I am thankful for the chores are being shared equally and willingly.

I grew up in a household where women do all the chores while men go out to work - very traditional.

Though I would love to fulfill my tai-tai ambitions, I love working (Can't believe I typed this and mean it) because I feel that it works my brain and intelligence.

MyBudakTapai has been more than willing to share the chores.


I am not complaining though I am tired.

Quite frankly, I am pretty happy to clean my house.

From Discover My space...
Positive thinking - Traditional.

Just to spice things up, maybe I should try dressing differently when doing housework.

From Discover My space...
Perfect Housewife - Fantasy

Woah! One way to get the neighbours smiling, yes? Definitely my husband too! Heh..

From Discover My space...
The real deal - Reality check!

Earth to Lizzy!

A little fantasy is fun but we still need to get back to reality.

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