Saturday, August 1, 2009


Did 2 months of sleep-in mornings, absolute freedom, slacking at home and late nights whizz past me just like that?


Time really does fly.

Routine, routine, routine - at least for the next few hundred days or so.

Quite frankly, I am very grateful for it.

In this time of economic crisis, some people would kill to be paid even if it means they are tied to a job they hate.

I am doing what I have always dream of and getting paid for it - more than enough, I must add.

Actually, I do not hate what I am doing at the moment.

It's just that my school functions in such a way that we will have a different teaching partner every academic year.

If you are lucky you will get to work with a great lead teacher and the whole year will be smooth sailing and fun - IF you are lucky, that is.

My previous academic year was not smooth sailing nor was it fun.

My reputation was somewhat ruined for my angry outburst.

I am not giving excuses but you have to be in my shoes to understand why I had an outburst.

So that's why I am a little scared nervous about my teaching partner this year.

I pray that however she will be like, may ALLAH s.w.t grant me the strength to stay calm, faithful (to HIM), professional and mature through the ups and downs of this coming academic year.

Insya ALLAH.

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