Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Honesty if the best policy

At at time where there is a high risk of a flu pandemic, what we need most is honesty.

If one has all the symptoms of the swine flu and has travelled to affected countries, it's inconsiderate to not to get it checked out immediately!

The 2 new cases (in Singapore) possess strong sense of irresponsibility.

How can you go to work, attend several (not just one, mind you) social functions (where there's a gazillion people) or even go shopping when you know the risk of your medical conditions??

It's ridiculous!

You would think someone who is highly educated (like a researcher, probably?) would have more brains to be vigilant in current risky situations.

Well, qualifications is but a piece of paper.

It does not maketh a man.

For the sake of everyone else, I hope this selfish behaviour stops at these 2 new cases.

I pray to the AlMighty that the rest of us be spared from this flu disease.

Insya ALLAH.

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