Saturday, March 28, 2009

What a week it has been!

I now know how wretched the world can be.

I now know how Satan can take the form of human beings.

I now know how evil, manipulative, cunning and just plain mean human being can be.

I now know that you really cannot judge a book by it's cover.

Don't think that you can escape from the humanised Devil just because you are honest and sincere in your work - they will still get to you.

But I am fine now.

I learnt a lot from what took place.

Everything happens for a reason.

ALLAH s.w.t is teaching me to be more mature and patient.

HE is teaching me a lot of things.

I need to sit down and reflect from what had happened.

It still hurts when I think about the things that she said about me.

It all came unexpectedly.

But it's okay. What goes around comes around.

"And those who remain patient, seeking their Lord's Countenance, perform As-Salat, and spend out of that which WE have bestowed on them, secretly and openly, and defend evil with good, for such there is a good end."
Surah Ar-Rad:22

They may think that victory is theirs and with their status, no one can over-rule them.

But they are wrong.

ALLAH s.w.t is all that I need.

Insya ALLAH, with my increased patience and faith in HIM, I will be able to show them what I am really capable of as an educator - that I am nothing like that of what she had said about me to them.

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