Sunday, March 29, 2009

Another celebrity photo.

If you read Berita Harian, it was a front page news.

A high profile local celebrity couple being criticised for posing with her heavily pregnant belly half-exposed while her husband wrapped his arms around it.


All I can say to the person who started the photo circulation is to - just leave them alone. It's their lives. Let them live it the way they want it to. Gasak jorang lah..

As for the celebrity couple - As Asians, we must still stick to our Asian/Malay values despite living in a modern and westernised world. As a celebrity, you need to understand that you have made a choice to live in a microscope - people will always want to find out about the happenings in your lives. That can be flattering but if not careful, it can have hazardous effects - like what just took place. So what I can say is, the next time, you want to upload a photo or post an entry, think twice (or maybe even 3 times). Tak semua perkara boleh ditayangkan kepada khalayak ramai. Not everybody thinks they way we do.

So in this matter, who's fault is it?

Analyze yourselves and think deeply about it.

All I can say is whenever there is an action, there will always be a reaction.

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