Wednesday, January 21, 2009

White-d out!

If only I had psychic powers, I would see myself face down, next to a toilet bowl, face white as sheet.

If only I was had Raven's psychic powers.

But I don't.

So I did my morning walk from Somerset to Orchard, not knowing that I would faint in school.

Yup, that was what happened to me yesterday.

To make matters worse, I hit my head on the toilet bowl and now (for Allah knows how long) I have to live with a bump and the pain on the right side of my head to remind me of a time that I thought was the end for me.

It could be due to a lot of reasons.

Lack of iron, empty stomach and late lunch, first day of menses.

Any one of those could contribute to why I fainted in school.

Whatever it is, I know that it is super dangerous and I better do something about my health.

I don't think that I'm unhealthy (Insya ALLAH tidak) but I just probably lack some nutrients.

Oh well, it's off to loading up on iron-rich foods.

Love ALLAH, love yourself and love life.

Take care, my lovely friends.

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