Sunday, March 9, 2008

RIP Brad.

I hate to admit this but I am probably the last person (in the universe) who does NOT know that Brad Renfro is dead!


Death by drugs

I came upon this discovery during the hoo-haa on the sudden death of Heath Ledger.

Growingt up, Brad Renfro was in my list of Men I Would Kill to Marry.

Of course, hormonal-driven list was created during the period of gullibilty, innocence, stupidity that the only thing that matters in a long-lasting relationship was money and looks.

So besotted was I to the late actor, I decided to adopt his last name.

Oh my gosh!

How embarrassing!

I cannot believe that I am actually admitting that on the world wide web.

Wishing my IC name was Aliza Renfro Moffatt, I went through my adolescence hoping to find a Brad Renfro lookalike. Hehe...

Anways, the reason for his death came as no surprise to me.

Drug abuse.

It's a shame when genius in a certain field is not able to bring that same talent into their personal life.

Just like how some university graduates are absolutely clueless as to how they should handle their personal life with that same success.

Of course, it does not apply to all grads.

What a waste.


Oh well.

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