Thursday, February 7, 2008

Sometimes, you NEED to be selfish.

This post is probably going to cause some unhappiness should any smokers stumble upon it.

However, I have come to a point where I am absolutely sick and tired of being a passive smoker.

A few years back, I was involved in a discussion about the new rule where most places in Singapore were asked to designate a small percentage of their premise specifically for smokers.

There were quite a few smokers at that discussion and they were not happy.

Out of all the comments that I heard from the smokers, there was one that made me rolled my eyes in disgust.

The lady smoker labeled the new rule as a form of discrimiation to smokers.

She said that smokers should not have to choose and it's not fair that they have to be confined to only a small area of the restaurant.

"'s like being in a cage."

Truth be told, I have absolutely NO feelings of sympathy for her and other smokers alike.

I am all for the new rule.

I have lived with a smoker and almost lost him - my dad.


Allah s.w.t is great as he gave my dad a second chance.

I don't think that I am being selfish for my feelings towards those who smoke.


Because I strongly feel that it's unjust that non-smokers, who made the choice to lead a healthy life, have to endure the harmful cigarette smoke for those who have absolutely no concern of our health.

If smokers have made a choice to "attempt a slow suicide" by filling the body with tar, why do we have to suffer with them?

Why can't smokers see it from our point of view?

There are numerous campaigns and signs everywhere warning us on the dangers of smoking.

One can even find horrid pictures of body organs destroyed by smoking on cigarette boxes but you can still see teenagers as young as 13 years old being proud of holding a Marlboro between their pointer and third finger.

What prompted me to create this post is because I am frustrated that MyBabyLuv and I had to keep on changing our seating spots eventhough we were dead tired, when we went to Plaza Singapura last weekend.


Because every single time we found a new seating spot, a smoker sat down right next to us, lit up his/her cigarette and puff right into our faces.

Do you think THAT is being fair?

Just in case you are not quite sure of the answer, it is NO! (Sarcasm intended)

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