Saturday, February 9, 2008

Building castles on ground

Nobody will know the pain it took in "building" it.

The tear"blood"shed, the gruesome fights, the knife-sharp stares of disapproval, the creative exchange of vulgarities, the I-am-so-effing-confused-with-all-this-dumb-terms-I-am-so-ready-to-call-it-quits attitude and much, much more events that are part of the trials and tribulations of life.

Nobody will also know the JOY it took in "building" it.

The kisses and make-ups, the Bee-I-think-that-is-a-fantastic-idea-I-totally-second-that!, the warm hugs when things get extremely rough and tensed, the numerous drafts of everything, the discuss-communicate-be practical-be nice to each other mantra and much, much more sweetness that will serve as amazing memories in time to come. Insya Allah.

Nobody will know all that. No one but us.

For what they will see is just the end result.

Insya Allah.


Painstakingly built with love. Insya Allah

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