Friday, January 25, 2008

Not for the faint hearted

When I quit my job as a Customer Service Executive, my ex-colleagues commented that I made the right choice of wanting to be a teacher because "...easier lah. No so leceh like working here. Good oso lah. Teaching so easy. Small kids some more. Chicken feet one lah"

I knew (even then) what I was getting myself into.

I also knew that they were wrong.

I hated those ex-colleagues of mine and I hated them even more for saying those things that they said.

If they counted cleaning up distressed children after their toilet accidents as easy, then they should do it.

Cleaning up soiled knickers of a stranger's child is different from cleaning that of your own child.

Well, I wiped backside today.

Not a pretty side.

Nah ah.

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