Sunday, September 16, 2007

Keep the Balance

I am envious.

I am envious of girls who DEMAND that their boyfriends give them EVERYTHING and still manage to get away with it.

I am jealous.

I am jealous of girls who still can get the love from their boyfriends despite being annoying, spoilt, bitchy brats.

I feel sorry.

I feel sorry for the boyfriends who are so blinded by love that they put up with such inconsiderate partners.

However, I am aware.

I am aware that people have feelings and that one's patience does wear off if tested excessively.

I hope.

I hope and pray that those girls wake up and change their ways PRONTO before their boyfriends leave them - once they get so fed up of having to give in all the time.

Nonetheless, I am proud.

I am proud that there are still girls who are considerate of their partners' well being AND still get loads of love for not being a bitch in the relationship.

Well done, Lizzie.


I believe in karma. What goes around WILL come around.

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