Thursday, June 14, 2007


Okay, my fellow dearest, friends.

I need your help.

Being the fickle one that I am, I am getting quite bored with my current blogskin.

I am thinking of changing my (blog)skin but just could not be bothered to go through the hassle of decoding the complicated HTML code but I am bored with my current (blog)skin.


Decisions, decisions.



But wait, Lizzie. Help is at hand.

That's where you. Yes, you, my dearest friends, come into the picture. You will help me make the decision. Yes, you.

Question Numero Uno: Should I change my blogskin?
If yes, please skip to Question Number Dua.

Question Number Dua: Please select which blogskin I should choose.
a) GirlJumpinAtBeach
b) RainbowVectorBliss
c) BreakIntoDawn
d) OurMusic
e) Any other blogskins you find which suits my inner being suits me is just attractive without going over the top.

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