Tuesday, June 26, 2007

The Boy is Mine - Mine I Tell Ya!

I cannot understand how one can bring oneself to doing it.

I cannot understand how one can flirt with their friend's boyfriend openly.

It's just plain slutty and outrageous.

It does not matter how gorgeous you think you are.

It does not matter either how glamorous you think your job is.

Neither does it matter how good-looking your friend's boyfriend is.

But what matters is that the boy is hers.

Not yours but hers - that boy is your friend's boyfriend. Not yours.

Have some dignity for goodness' sake!

It just doesn't make sense because you have a boyfriend of your own!

Does it give you some sick pleasure flirting with other girls' partners - eventhough those girls are your friends?

But you know what I learnt, Nasty Girls don't effing care about that because to them, it's all about flaunting what they think the boys might want.

For goodness' sake, you just make me sick!


So girls, beware of these Nasty Girls.

The worst part is they don't come with a I-am-a-slut-who-like-to-flirt-with-my-friend's-boyfriend label stuck to their foreheads.

They are the wolves in sheep's clothings.

So beware - always be on the lookout for them.

Destiny Child - Nasty Girl

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