Saturday, April 14, 2007

End of Spring Break

This always happen to me.

Before any holiday, I will have a whole list of to-do things - only to end up doing NONE of the things I initially planned to do.

This Spring Break was no different. Heh.

I did not manage to tick off many items on my To-Do list.

But one To-Do item definitely got ticked off - to go to Batam with 5 other xiao ting tong and shop like crazy

Frankly, I was slightly nervous initially because I do not quite know the other 3 people on the trip (besides NazilahMengumpatPartner and BabyLuv).

Anyhow, all I can say is that I am feeling pretty dumb thinking that way because those 3 inidividuals are so much fun to hang out with.

I am so blessed to have been introduced to them.

A huuuuge thank you to NazilahMengumpatPartner for counting me in on the trip.


Eventhough I have to bring forward many To-Do items to the next long holiday, I have to admit that this Spring Break was well-spent!

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