Friday, April 13, 2007

Circle of Life

It disgust me the way you treat her.

She does not deserve the cold shoulder after what you did to her.

You did not hear her cries, her plea to be loved after all the sacrifices she made for you.

The discrimination from your mother she had to put up with just to be with you.

You don't know that.

Maybe you do but you chose to ignore it.

Selfish little s**thead you are.

Don't you dare talk about trust after the way you treated her.

What you did was not the way if you want her to trust.

You earned her trust so jolly well, keep it.

Don't let it come to a point when you will regret it because like the saying goes, you never know what you've got till it's gone.

Don't kill her with your selfishness.

You are supposed to be her joy, the love of her lifetime.

But at the moment, you're her misery.

Remember the world is a like a wheel - what goes around comes around.

What you do to her will definitely come back to you.

Ciara - Like A Boy

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