Thursday, April 26, 2007

Absolute Insensitivity

A dear friend of mine was greatly affected by a baseless conclusion made by a stranger on his blog.

"unfortunately, it still stand true that when girls reach their mid
20s, and no possible suitors, u'll be very close to be left on the shelves.."

What does he base that theory on? Nothing.

Who the heck is he to make such statement? A nobody.

Does he have the right to make such conclusion in the first place? Heck no!

I seriously hate it when people say negative things without thinking about how it could affect those who read their blogs. Personally, I believe that as a blogger, it is very important that we send out positive vibes in every issue that we touch on.

The World Wide Web makes the globe much, much smaller. Thousands (or maybe even millions) of people could chance upon your blog each day. One can never know for sure the state of the mind the reader is in at the moment of reading one's blog.

Just imagine the kind of impact the statement above will have on a depressed reader who coincidentally is in her mid-twenties and just broke up with her boyfriend or has been single for as long as she can remember. I don't think she will log off the Internet feeling great about herself.

I may not be able to do much to help my fellow human beings but the least bit I can do is to spread positivity, determination and belief in God.

By the way, my dear friend, please don’t be sadden by the baseless conclusion. It is nothing but mere thoughtless theory. Jodoh dan pertemuan di tangan ALLAH s.w.t.. You of all people should have a strong belief that HE has a much better plan for you. All you need is patience.

Insya ALLAH.


Nasyriah Jamel said...

Irritatin nye Liz. Whoever is dis blogger ar? I wld love to give a piece of my mind. I noe it's an avenue for someone to make his view known but still...dats so insensitive of the blogger. Like you said, it's baseless!

Amby_OFFsPrinG said...

Lizzie to nasyriah jamel - PRECISELY MY POINT!i don't like people who speaks their mind without being mindful of others' feelings.