Thursday, January 18, 2007

Blame it on the

As unpredictable as the weather - like the saying goes.

And yes, the weather has been extremely unpredictable the past few days.

It was scorching hot in the afternoon when I had to take the children to the playground.

But guess what? It started to pour (heavily, I must add) when I had to take the children to the buses. I was drenched! That was partly my fault as well for not listening to Mum when she told me to bring along an umbrella (Retribution!).

I am not the type of person to waste my money on cabs but I knew that I just had to get home as soon as I possibly can. Moreover, I was not about to get squashed in the late-afternoon-MRT-train-jam. So my partner and I decided to book a cab instead.

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My plans to go to Far East Plaza to do some shopping had to be cancelled.

The cold weather plus the air-conditioner (in the taxi) as well as the fact that I was drenched did nothing to help ease my flu.

Yes, the heavy rain in the Orchard Road area created a puddle of water like the in the picture you see above. The taxi had to avoid Cuscaden Road because the water level was up to one's knees! Imagine that! But the sky when we reached Yishun was simply clear, blue sky.

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