Tuesday, January 16, 2007

The Aftermath

These points are obvious to everyone but bear with me because I simply need to get them off my chest.

  • Intentions - Intending to lose weight in order to fit sexily into your bikini for the next BBQ outing at East Coast Park might just see you doubling up the weight you managed to lose intially.

  • Not to be easily satisfied - Rewarding is fine but never ever use food as a reward. It is better to pamper yourself with other things. Clothes is the BEST suggestion to date.

  • Stop thinking about it! - The more you think about it (ie: the more you worry about your calorie intake), the less weight you will lose.

  • Start enjoying the whole process! - Live life as per normal. Stop thinking about the exercise regime you've got. Start enjoying how healthy you will feel after each workout.

Okay, with that said, I just have to put it into practise.


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