Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Bite Me

Okay, so I have a blog.

Okay, so I post (almost) all of my thoughts and feelings in this blog.

But what you read may not be who I really am.

See that's what bothers me. No, I actually don't bother about them. I am actually pissed.

See that is what pisses me off.

People surf and land on my blog and read my posts and think they know a heck of a lot about yours truly.

One person in particular has come to a conclusion that supposedly (Note the sarcasm) I am choosy about who I date.

Where he got the idea from, I have no blardy idea.

Definitely not from my blog.

I mean, that's annoying.

Yes, I am choosy about who I date. So what. But at least, I am realistic about my preferences.

Is it a crime to be with someone who will love me as much as I love him or even more?

Is it a crime to want to be with someone wwho makes me feel secure? I do not need to be a tai-tai to feel safe.

Is it wrong to be with someone I feel comfortable with? As outspoken as a person can be, he/she cannot just connect with any Tom, Dick or Harry.

Is it wrong to be with someonee who can makee me laugh and whom I can turn to when life goes haywire?
is that a crime?


Give me break already.

Stop judging me for goodness sake.


Tze said...

hey girl it's not a crime to be choosy U HAVE TO B CHOOSY..n dun let those ignorant ass to bring u down... keke...just to let u noe i just read finish readin ur sep blogs... haha..

Amby_OFFsPrinG said...

Lizzie to tze - Aiyoh..u so shweet one...thank u for being such a pal,girl... d;D