Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Anak Melayu Seni Budaya

I am disappointed and proud at the same time.

Disappointed that there is no image of our new Singapore Idol.

Proud because HADY MIRZA is now the new Singapore Idol. How fabulous is that! Okay, I do not admit to be a teeny-booper (anymore) but I was definitely rooting for Hady. I think that he deserves to win. But it's sad and rather immature of Ken Lim to assure Jon that he can be a regional artiste and instead warned Hady that he needs to be inspiring. He definitely made it obvious that he did not fancy the idea of Hady being the new Singapore Idol but that's how the competition ends so just deal with it. And frankly, Hady is quite a performer as well. He is charismatic and he can sing. I will not be bothered by Ken's negative comments if Hady sounds and look like the 1st runner-up for Singapore Idol last year (WHO? You guys should know.)

Anyways, congratulations to Hady Mirza for winning the title. That's showbiz, isn't it? You just have to deal with rubbish like that ten times more than a non-celeb. But I am sure you will be inspiring, Hady. Good luck and enjoy yourself!

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