Friday, July 7, 2006

Yesterday YOU

Hilary Duff - So Yesterday
Song Lyrics

I lied.

I am angry.

I am not certain as to how they know but they do know.

I gave you my best.

You used my confidence to raise YOUrs.

Despite my anger, I still do wish you all the very best.

I am not sure if the rumours are true. If so, all the best to YOU.

I hope YOU believe in karma. Because if YOU do, then YOU'll know that what goes around comes around.

Don't get me wrong. I am not hoping that YOU go through the same fate YOU put me through but that's how it goes. The world is not flat, sweetie.

Don't ignore me and then expect everything to be well and dandy. I have forgiven YOU but have I forgotten? Never!

Don't worry, I am not trashing you.

Maybe this post will create some tension or whispers amongst them but I really don't know (And don't care).

But what I do know is that YOU are my yesterday.

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