Friday, July 21, 2006

Death is unavoidable

Death is one event everyone will have to go through.

The concept of immortality is mere fiction.

Like every journey, we need preparations.

How do we prepare for Death? How do we know we have prepared enough?

We won't know. We won't know when enough is enough until we die.

Someone confessed to me how he is afraid if the things he is doing right now is not enough for him to prepare for what's to come after death. He wishes he could spend his entire time preparing for death.

I don't think he is alone.

There are a gaziilion people out there who share the same thinking as he does, I am sure of it.

But I think, they forgot about one thing.

If all we want to do is forget about wordly things and simply divert our time and life to preparing for death, then why would ALLAH s.w.t. create the beauty that surrounds us?

Why was this beauty created if not to be enjoyed and appreciated?

Why are we given intelligence if not to use them and analyze and differentiate the wrong from right?

Why are we on this Earth if not to be granted the opportunity to obey ALLAH's commands while simultaneously, witness (for ourselves) the power of the Almighty?

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